Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need Some Help.

I think this photo is pretty much begging for a caption haha but I cant think of one right now. I want to hear your suggestions. Dont worry I wont claim it as my own, just think it will be fun to see what everyone else can come up with.


  1. Carl had been your normal College student studying abroad. Blissfully unaware of the foreign culture he was so quickly immersed in. Little did he know, the club the doorman had suggested for a "good time" was really designed to be a way-station for sissy slaves. After entering the doors, carl was quickly druged.

    As he wakes up in the cold cell, all he hears on the P.A. system is, "Welcome to your new life, Carla"

  2. It's a good thing the treatments made Frank ultra flexible or picking him up to dunk him the tank for another session would be really painful.

  3. Preston had been selling girls for over a year in the sex slavery trade. All that was finished now. He had kidnapped the granddaughter of an old gypsy woman. Now her curse has him in the servitude of one of his former buyers. Preston can do nothing but wait and hope that he will eventually be sent to one of the brothels. Then he would be given a name again, even if it is a female name, he would no longer have to answer to the name, "slave."

  4. Brad and Rachel had been dating for the early Fall semester months. For the most part their relationship seemed ideal, but they were ALWAYS bickering about who would make decisions when they disagreed. When her sorority decided it was going to have an upcoming SPRING costume party whose theme would be Disney characters Rachel REALLY wanted to attend in reversed sex roles.
    There was NO way Brad was going to embarrass himself in drag. Besides, Brad's personal Disney favorite was the very masculine and highly villainous Captain Hook. Brad and Rachel argued for a week, until he gave his final mandate: Rachel would relent and he would be wearing the hook or their affair would be over. Brad felt empowered when Rachel seemed to accede and said,

    "OK... the hook is what you get!"

    Well, as you can see, Brad awoke to find himself in rather restrictive bondage for the next two months, as well as having to submit to Rachel's extremely rigid program of retraining and feminization... most of it involving torturous and uses of chain and HOOK !

    Finally, after he seemed appropriately broken Rachel asked Brad, now "BRENDA", if he would like to try on his pirate costume for the party, as she showed him a fake hook hand. He cried tearfully, with his mascara running,

    "NOOOO! NOO! PLEASE I can't wear THAT... please keep it away from me!"

    To which Rachel smiled victoriously,

    Rachel and Brenda were the talk of the sorority Disney Party. Rachel swaggered boldly and confidently like the evil pirate leader she portrayed -- sans, of course, hook hand so as not to terrify her delicate, dainty, docile date who who was perfectly attired as a wonderfully, whistful and womanly WENDY.

    Next year's sorority fantasy theme is Shakespeare. Rachel has decided if BRENDA obeys until then she MAY ALLOW her to choose between OPHELIA or JULIET ...