Sunday, December 13, 2009

Suprise Dance Partner

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  1. Jay ws finally getting one of hsi oldst of fantasy to come true at long last he had finally found a real way to become the girl he was alwasy meant to ahve been and now here he she was back in time and now he wasa she and was a teen age girl for e real and now she was g finally going to get to go to one of the real glaomor dances a a girl in such a pretty dress slip panties and know that he was a she for real tis time she now had real breast and a oussy under all of her cloths she was a rela gilr and was so very ready to do this and who knows where it would lead to by the end of ths danc maybe she wouod lose her feminien virginity and be a woman by the end of the evening and she smiled thinking such gilry thoughts at last she was a girl and she lved being female so very much ah i am a girl a girl and i ma so very happy now!