Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trying to Keep Up lol.


  1. ah at long last they ahve finallly found me this is so very weird when they finaly found me all alone tousand and almost a century later on this beach in the south atlantic and i tild them my story they all tought i was completly insaen how could this be the Titanic went down alomost 100 years ago how could you possible have been on it but i tell you i was and since then i had lived o four or five other live times since the sinling but had come back to being female once moe re and then i was able to remember jsut about everything about it that had just about alwasy eluded me in all of the other life times when i was male but something about finally being a girl once again reawked those memermoies and now i was foud and was telling them all about how it ahd been they said wow that is toatlly amamzing you are a girl once again and now you can recal it all so very vividily yes thier is something about being a girl that mak es you recall and rememve jsut aout everything from all of your past lives and i am a girl and i sure can do this!

  2. Jay had somehow known that it w was a rela mistake to let those girls talk him into going to thier al girl party no sooner ahd th he got thier then they began to wg hisper and giggle and then they asked him to come in the back room with them and once thier they all got around him and beganto whisper to him that they all knew what it was that he really did desire in his life and what is that he asl ked come on Jay we know and so do you you realy do want to be one of us what he said we know you want to be a girl and so you are going to be one and then they stripped off all of his male cloths and put him in a litle girls dress slip panties and amde him up as a girl and then they all gor t aournd him and began to chant your a girl your a girl and then slowly jay began to give in he felt very funny and weird but oh so very wonderful and then he began to chqang and to transform his hair grew out and he began to soften and to round out a in al the right places his penis was going going back up into his body and a pussy wsa s forming down betwwen his legs and he was ger ting small breast and hsi inside began to swim he was gooing going becming a girl he just could npot and did not want to fight i t any longer he was becoming female and the girls keppt ti up and then it was all over and he was a girl at last now he felt all so diffeenrt he was a she now and then the girls all told him lets go outside and so she did and wasa standing with thme and watching the silly boys down thier playing gheir silly boys games and he was a she and a girl at last and she love it being in a vintage gilry girl girl dress slip panties and he was a she and so very soon forge ot everything about ever having been a male he was a girl for good now and she loved it so finally she was what who and how she ahd alwsy wanted to be a girl!