Friday, July 2, 2010

Laundry Day


  1. wow this si so great now doing my laundry now that i a female is somuch more fun when i was male i never liked to do my laundry at all unless i absoulty had to male cloths are so boring and i hated k trying to keep them and myself clean all the time and neer even showe\red much any more when i was male but now that i am a girl i feel all so very diffeernt about my body and my cloths and want to keep them clean and wash my new girly body all the time so that i smeel good so here i am at the laudry once more washing more cloths i love my dresses sj kkirts slips and panties and want them clean and fresh all of the time i like being a girl so very much it is like this is how i should have been all along and now that i am fenmale i want to keep myself and my cloths very clean wow being a girl is oh so wonderful i wonder why i waited so very long to become a girl and now that i am one i love it so very much! i love being a girl at last!